GoGreen Projects
Making A Difference – GoGreen Revolution

Making A Difference – GoGreen Revolution


  • We want to be the first Environmental Cryptocurrency – a currency that motivates everyone to reshape the polluted earth to its early beauty. With its rewarding responsibility to all human beings living in the shades of Mother Nature.
  • Creating, Nurturing, Recycling – Our three basic concepts in preserving Mother Nature and its environment.


A Token Built With A Purporse…

  • A Revolutionary Community Project aiming to help Mother Nature, reduce pollution, and spread environmental awareness and GREEN Projects all over the word. Breaking Crypto stigma as a non-environmental friendly, and creates a whole new meaning – a revolutionary GoGreen community.


  • $GREEN is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain, focuses on making a better future for Crypto wherein less power consumption, and more on Community Driven Environmental Projects.
  • We do not aim in getting to the moon or whatsoever, we want to break the STIGMA, we want a GREENER future for Crypto, and we want to fuel every environmental project whether they are big or small.