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GoGreen Revolution Project – A Real Life Mining

GoGreen Revolution Project – A Real Life Mining

GoGreen Revolution – is a real-life project aiming to change the course of history for Cryptocurrency. This revolutionary project encourages the community to join hands in nurturing mother nature. We aim to plant millions of trees, rehabilitate thousands of rivers, and save our ocean from illegal fishing and water pollutants.

The unorthodox Real-life mining program is unique and visionary. You’ll earn virtual $GREEN tokens at the same time you’re helping the environment. GoGreen Revolution project is not limited to nature, we will prevent people from their destructive activities against mother nature.

How Real-life Mining Works?

Using our GoGreen Smart App & Wallet – you can simply pick a specific environmental task from lists and apply it in real life, the more complicated the task the higher the reward. The app has a special recording AI and monitored by a specially trained workforce to determine the legitimacy of every completed task. Further details will be provided in our official channels and website.