Let's Save Our Mother Earth

A revolutionary Community Project aiming to educate the people, reduce pollution, and spread environmental awareness all over the word. Breaking Crypto stigma as a non-environmental friendly, and creates a whole new meaning – a revolutionary GoGreen community.

Do You Care About The Earth Like We Do? Get Involved!

About Us

Welcome To Green Revolution Project

A Token With A Real Purpose...

$GREEN is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain, focuses on making a better future for Crypto wherein less power consumption, and more on REAL LIFE community-driven environmental projects. We do not aim in getting to the moon or whatsoever, we want to break the STIGMA and a greener future for all.  

Total Supply

Token Distribution

Token Sale

50% of the Total Supply will be unlocked for Public Sale.

GoGreen Community Project Rewards

25% of the Token Supply will be allocated for REAL LIFE Environmental Projects Rewards. We call it "Real Life Community Mining."


5% will be unlocked for liquidity

Team & Community (6 Months Locked)

10% for Team Funds & Community Recreational projects


10% will be unlocked by proposal

Our Work

What We Are Doing?

Planting Trees


Charity Program

Community Awareness

About the Token

The $GREEN Token...

The Future of the EARTH is in our hands…


By holding $GREEN Tokens you’re helping mother earth to recover. You’re fueling our environmental projects. And you’re helping us break Crypto STIGMA as non-environmental friendly. 

Save Earth from polution

We are not just an ordinary Cryptocurrency, we're built in purpose. To save earth from Pollutants and nurture mother earth.

Help to balance Eco system

Crypto Mining has huge impact in power consumption - the balance of our Eco system is at stake. We want to maintain this balance, we want to make a change, and we want to stop this STIGMA.

Make the world greener

It's a challenge that every human being should take part with. Our organization is just a tool to connect and inspire communities to do the same. We can't make it without the support of the community, TOGETHER, let's make the world greener.

#HODL & Make it Grow

In every token you purchased, you're not just earning money in the long run, you're also helping mother earth to recover. #HODL and lets save the environment.


Our Gallery


Our volunteers

Software Engineer




Road Map

A Better Future For Mother Earth

Website Launch
Contract Setup
Token Sale
Wallet Integration & Rewards Program
Green Community Partnerships
Quarter 2
Public Security Audit
GoGreen REAL LIFE Community Mining
NFTs Martketplace
Green Online Store Launching
Platform Listings
Quarter 3
Additional Listings
Worldwide Planting Trees Event
Full Social Media Integrations
Country Volunteers Designations
GoGreen Best Community Awardees
Quarter 4

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